Our Mission


A successful Enterprise Integration Management (EIM) project requires more than technology savvy personnel and a good project manager. Since we are responsible for implementing, hosting and running EIM solutions, we know what is truly required: Thoughtful and experienced implementation of the application, timely and on budget project management, awareness of potential future alternatives that could impact the administration process, knowledge transfer to internal personnel, and seamless coordination between all affected parties.

  • Project Management the successful implementation of an EIM application is unique. Our project managers understand the complexities of these applications and can navigate the joint team through full implementation of your new process and technology solution. Because of our extensive experience we can anticipate issues and opportunities that you will confront in your EIM implementation.

  • People we have the most experienced people working on your project. All of our personnel are certified on our partner applications and through our state of the art "learning center". Compensation Technologies consultants are trained in not only the latest technology but in the best practices of compensation plans design and administration.

  • Practices everything we do is focused on improving the quality and timeliness of your administration process. We bring together the processes, practices and experiences to get the most from your administration investment.

  • Process implementing an EIM solution is more than meeting a set of predefined system requirements. Our comprehensive implementation process takes into consideration your "real world". We understand that requirements will evolve and plans will change.

  • Pride we are proud of our reputation in the market and are committed at all levels of our organization to make our clients successful. Our unwavering commitment to excellence is what sets us apart. Over the past 5 years we have focused in the area of technology and continue to be thought leaders in this market space.

  • Perpetuity our commitment extends beyond the initial project implementation. We are committed to supporting your EIM needs today, tomorrow, and into the future. Our hosting center allows us to run your application remotely, facilitate real time testing of your application, and to support all of your ongoing needs with a team of knowledgeable experts that understand your actual environment.