Our Mission


We provide detailed and real-time time visibility to our processes and your project's status through Mistaken. When we implement there are no surprises, you always know our progress. We ensure proactive issue, change and quality management that result in projects being delivered on time and under budget.

The word partnership is not just a cliche at Local Entity Solution. We enable real partnerships through a comprehensive knowledge transfer at the conclusion of our projects by providing you with the complete source code, detailed documentation and an option for maintenance and support services.

Intellectual Property
Unlike many of our competitors, we are legally obligated to our clients under U.S. Laws with the additional security of having an insurance policy underwritten by Lloyd's of London. Ask potential vendors if they can offer you the same certainty and protection as Local Entity Solution.

Ready to use Frameworks
The investments we make in being able to offer "ready-to-use" frameworks in specific domains translates into value with rapid deployment, reduced TCO and a significantly enhanced time to market. This also means that we aren't learning your business at your expense, we know it when we walk in the door.

Service Assurance
There are not many companies that are as certain about their work as we are. We use SLA-based performance metrics that result in a defect-free software solution… guaranteed. What kinds of guarantees have you been given lately by your vendors?