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Web Technologies

The Web is evolving into a more social and usable platform, from a static to an interactive medium. Local Entity Solutions provides the expertise in adapting these technologies to enterprise business applications.
  • Ajax Technology
    From static web pages to dynamic pages that provide information on the fly, Ajax is helping to reshape how applications are built and delivered for the Web.
  • Social Computing
    The original vision of the Web was to both browse and edit content. Local Entity Solutions AppCall is the first enterprise class, 100% Flex, Java, and Ajax based wiki built from the ground up to address enterprise needs such as project collaboration, requirements management, eHelp and sales collaboration.
  • Semantic Web
    The next evolutionary step beyond interactive and social applications, where applications can talk to each other seamlessly. Business-specific ontologies need to be defined to make this a reality.
  • Multimodal Interfaces
    While applications are now either text or voice based, using both text and voice simultaneously on mobile devices increases productivity.

Local Entity Solutions applied research efforts into the next generation Web technologies can help your enterprise fully harness the capabilities of the Web.